The Montblanc Meisterstück is one of the world’s most iconic writing instruments.We created a digital experience that lets Meisterstück owners share their personal stories.
When we started researching the fountain pen’s history at demodern, we quickly learned two things: for one, it has been used by cultural icons throughout the decades, such as US presidents like John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, Eva Green, Johnny Depp and even James Bond (in 1983’s ‘Octopussy’).
At the same time, the Meisterstück often holds a strong personal significance for its owners – it comes as a graduation gift, is used to seal important business deals or has been a trusty companion throughout the years.
So we created an online experience that’s comprised of an interactive timeline showcasing the Meisterstück’s history, and an interactive writing tool that lets Meisterstück owners share their own, personal stories.
The campaign teaser
My job
As the conceptual/UX lead on the project, I developed the concept for the website, the UX architecture, worked out the content strategy and wrote the entire copy.
Early sketches and wireframes
Final designs