What if we could freeze time and show what happens in a single second – all around the world? With the Montblanc Worldsecond, a global app-based photo competition, we did exactly that.
Montblanc, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine pens, watches and other luxury goods, wanted a digital campaign around the idea of capturing „the beauty of a second”.
Together with the team at demodern, I set out to show the “beauty of a second” through the eyes of people everywhere, by creating an app that lets users take a photo in the exact same moment. All these photos from across the world were automatically uploaded to the campaign website, where they created mesmerizing mosaics of what a single moment around the world looks like.
The campaign teaser
My job
As the lead UX architect and copywriter on the project, I was involved from the very beginning to the final implementation of the campaign. I developed the concept and UX architecture for the mobile app, the website and the tablet version, created the marketing and social media strategy, and wrote the entire copy for the project.
Early concept sketches
Wireframes and final designs
During the two-month duration of the campaign, Montblanc Facebook fans grew by 66%, Twitter followers by 74%, and the campaign video became Montblanc‘s most successful video, with almost 40% of Montblanc‘s total Youtube channel views.
The desktop site and mobile app
We've been lucky to win a couple of awards: Gold Award, ADC Europe 2013; Gold Award, New Media Award 2013; Bronze Cube, ADC New York 2013; 3x Official Honouree, Webby Awards 2013; Gold, Annual Multimedia Award 2013; Innovation Lions National Diploma, Cannes Lions 2013; Honour, ADC Germany 2013; Site of the Day, FWA 2012; Mobile of the Day, FWA 2012.