To reach the world’s brightest, most ambitious minds, German engineering giant Siemens partnered with R/GA to rebuild its employer branding strategy from the ground up.
Siemens, one of the world’s leading engineering companies, faces a dilemma: it works on groundbreaking projects in some of today’s most exciting fields – it’s a key player in the IoT space, develops sustainable power systems for entire cities and helps build tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.
But in the “war for talent”, Siemens has to compete with tech giants like Google and Facebook – companies that do a great job at looking fresh and innovative. In February 2016, Siemens partnered up with R/GA to rebuild its image among students, graduates and experienced professionals.
RGA’s strategy was to put Siemens employees at the centre of the new employer branding campaign, to let them tell their story in their own words, highlight cutting-edge Siemens projects and to ultimately spark a conversation about the future of engineering.
My job
During my time freelancing at R/GA, I worked on a variety of Siemens Employer Branding projects, from creating tone of voice guidelines and social media posts to journalistic long-form articles. Here are some examples:
Profile of Lu Yao Song, SMC consultant, on the SMC website
Siemens Management Consulting (SMC)
SMC is Siemens’ in-house consultancy. It supports the different Siemens companies with strategies for all kinds of business challenges, from advancing digitalisation in China to promoting sustainable energy in India. Based on personal interviews, I created a series of nine in-depth portraits of SMC consultants and alumni in different stages of their respective careers. Read some example articles here:

You can find all articles on the SMC homepage.
Futuremakers: Fighting cancer with personalised vaccines
Futuremakers blog: Fighting cancer with personalised vaccines
An article I wrote for Siemens’ Futuremakers blog on Medium: Based on interviews with two Siemens representatives, it discusses the complex yet fascinating advances in the battle against cancer – and the crucial role Siemens plays in it. Read the full article here.
The tone of voice
The Siemens EB tone of voice
I wrote the German tone of voice for the Siemens Employer Brand, using the English version as guidance. While recreating the original's friendly, natural tone was easy, the German language comes with its own set of challenges – using the correct male and female job titles can quickly become a legal matter.
So far, R/GA’s employer branding strategy has led to some impressive results: