UPS repositioned itself as “United Problem Solvers” to showcase how it can help businesses expand internationally. Our job: to create case study films for the German market.
While UPS is often seen as just a delivery company, it also provides a number of services that help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow beyond their national borders. To showcase its products and solutions, UPS rebranded itself as “United Problem Solvers” and created a campaign that heroes SMEs around the world.
Working at Ogilvy London, we were tasked with creating case study films for different German companies. Our goal wasn’t just to show how UPS can help, but also focus on the inspiring stories that form the basis of every successful business.
The United Problem Solvers website
My job
As part of a creative team, I was deeply involved in the entire production process: I interviewed the founders of different German businesses, wrote scripts based on those interviews, flew to Germany to meet the founders in person and to oversee the shoots. Back in the UK we shot additional footage and directed the editing of our films, while simultaneously creating marketing assets for the German and British market.
Watch the case study film featuring Cologne’s Music Store below and read more on the United Problem Solvers website.
The Music Store case study film